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Course Title: DISCStyles of Behavior

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Course Title: DISCStyles of Behavior

Course Description: This Personal Assessment has been crafted specifically to assist organizations in understanding how behaviors impact the success of their employees – and how it all links to the bottom line.  The DISCStyles assessment is a validated tool trusted by several Fortune 500 companies, the United States Military, and professional consultants worldwide. 

Course Benefits: Individuals will gain awareness of personal strengths and motivations, uncover career development opportunities, improve methods for interpersonal communication, enhance conflict resolution ability, build and strengthen teams and improve professional relationships internally and externally.

Course Learning Outcomes:
You will have a better understanding of:
Your behavioral style tendencies, strengths, and struggles; your management strategies and what motivates you; your communications preferences; the four basic DISC behavior styles; how to identify another person’s behavior style; and how to use adaptability for greater success.


  1. Number of Students:  Up to 25 Participants.  The course is delivered in a workshop format with an instructor for 8 contact hours of training.  Cost is $3,000.00 (inclusive)
  2. Individual Student: The DISCStyles can be offered as an on-line individual assessment with your own complete Personalized DISCStyles report delivered in a downloadable format.  Cost is $75.00 per assessment.  A follow up consultation is available for an additional fee.
  3. To purchase this course go to Instructors page and contact instructor Schroeder, Al

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